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blamebrampton's Journal

29 January
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There was this friend of mine ... she mentioned Harry Potter slash one day. After I finished boggling, many hours were wasted. I still boggle at the concept, but she's brought me over to the dark side.

I have a lifelong and inexplicable obsession with Estonia, where I do not live, yet. But due to the beauty of LJ's crazed profile settings, I can pretend. I wish it had settings where I could pretend it was 1992 again. Remember how pleasant things were that year? Well, aside from John Major. But since I learned he was shagging Edwina Currie, even he seems more amusing.

If you ever need to reach me, you can find me at blamebrampton at gmail.com, and if you are ever checking for my age, I am more than twice as old as an 18 year old.