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20 August 2007 @ 06:54 pm
Because the world needs more HP LJs ...  
It's a common tale. You hear a rumour that a friend writes fic, and, purely out of solidarity, you stop by and read a few of hers. A few hours later you're startled on one level (Harry what?! with whom?!), but, on another, impressed.

Then you follow a link or two. Just a few. Only ones your friend likes. You're not really paying attention to fandom, there's too much else on. But still, you're not feeling that this is silly anymore.There's some good writing out there, and really, isn't it all a witty embrace of theory? Yes, the text is open, it's all about the jeu!

So, because you're rubbish at buying gifts, you write her a fic for her birthday. A one-shot, that's all. Straight to begin with and then a gently pervy rewrite, because it's 2am and the straight version was just too filled with URST.

And because you've never written fic in your life, you need to read just a little more so that you can get your head around the rules, the tropes, the cliches and this strange thing people have about ferrets.

And many, many hours end up disappearing, even after your friend's present has been received with thanks and laughter. Because while you were right about there being some utter tosh out there, there's some bloody good writing lurking, too.

So, like someone who has learned a language for many years, but has for the first time moved to a country where that language is spoken, you proceed with care and slowness. Just quietly over here for the moment. Slowly writing, sometimes supporting, giving thanks where they're due, and grateful, because these people have made me laugh out loud, and moved me far more than I thought they could.

So. Stories I will reread:

The Years that Walk Between … is a beautifully sketched story of an evolving Harry/Draco relationship post DH, which manages to be canon-compliant at the same time as making many annoying things about DH seem better. Written by femmequixotic, who is very good at writing friendships and dialogue. Some shagging between people who aren't teenagers. Blessed mercy for thos of us who would like our younger friends and relatives to all be behaving so much better than we were at their age. [... what's the opposite of Oedipal tension? (er, that would be Oedipal tension, wouldn't it?), most of the time in HP fic it's like having to listen to my nephews talk about what they actually do on weekends. They're still four in my head. Just six-feet tall and four ...]

Draco Malfoy, the Amazing Bouncing … Rat? had me stuffing my scarf into my mouth so that I would not wake my partner in the next room with my shrieks of gleeful cackling. Draco is put upon by a mysterious ill-wisher, and finds himself scurrying around Hogwarts as a sleekly attractive rodent of the literal type. In this world of big boots and bad-tempered cats, he hides in the only logical place, and is appalled to realise that he likes Gryffindors. One smart, bushy haired example of the species in particular. mistful has a glorious sense of anarchic humour, nicely tempered with good plot instincts and extremely fine characterisations. While being totally AU in concept and events, the characters feel very genuine, even if Malfoy has had his sulk surgically removed and replaced with the sort of wit that would have Alan Clark's publisher saying "So, been keeping any diaries lately?"
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