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03 March 2009 @ 11:17 pm
There's just something about today ...  
I think that it is the day of birthdays for so very many fine people!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY i_autumnheart ! I actually remembered to talk to you this morning, so that's one piece of usefulness. You're a person who I am just glad to know, filled with wit, intelligence, competence and talent. If you weren't so bloody likeable, you'd be annoying ;-)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to dumbys_baby , too! You swelegant swonderful girl! You had better be writing this year, or there will be Serious Words. I still blame you for me ending up here, but do not begrudge it ;-)

HAPPY BIRTHDAYS also to under_an_oak  -- keep on with your loving for all things gorgeous, miss! Between hot J- and K-Pop boys and Neil Gaiman, you have the best taste! and to celandineb , you gentle soul! I love the recipes, recs, Juno walks and other moments of your life that you share with us.

Clearly, the start of March is an auspicious  time!

glass_violet on March 4th, 2009 06:09 am (UTC)
a Mysterious Package arrived in the post today! the small girl is very excited, jumping up and down and exclaiming "it's a cage for my princesses! they very naughty princesses!"
thank you! XXX