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31 December 2008 @ 06:10 pm
On the seventh day of Christmas, blamebrampton gave to me ...  
Two good ideas, and some photos of the kitties!

The first good idea is from wemyss , who is generally quite splendid. He has put up two posts on britpickery , one for non-UK writers to ask for descriptions of anything in the UK that they would like to include in their fics. Want to know what a country house has in its kitchen? How many rooms Malfoy Manor is likely to have?  Popular chocolate brands? Pet names we use for our parents? Ask on this thread.

Are you British? (hush you Scottish Nationalists) Do you tear your hair every time you read a fic in which the characters sit in their dens, feasting on snickerdoodles and writing letters to their moms? Write down some of the things that make England English to you on this thread. Frequent visitor? Student who lived there for some time? Married a local? Write down the things that struck you, too! And for the formerly English like me (yes, I know, traitors!), it's quite kosher to include things from previous years that cover the HP opus.

Secondly, catsintheattic  has the most brilliant idea which, if you are on her flist, you can read about here. If you're not, and you are interested in the technicalities of writing and exercises pertaining thereto, send her a message and start a conversation. She's very smart, very funny and very cool, so even if you only have a chat, it will be worthwhile.

Finally, kitties!

Those of you suspecting J scatters T-shirts merrily about the house may be onto something.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It has been wonderful spending 2008 with all of you, and regardless of the other crap that we all went through in what was a fairly generally horrid year, your wit, kindness, generosity and talent has inspired me all through it!

girl; obsessed: other - kitty!complications_g on December 31st, 2008 11:35 am (UTC)
\O/ britpickery!

Aww, kitties! The second one looks just like my Milly! <3

Happy New Year too! :D