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11 November 2015 @ 01:27 am
Not Nano Days 9 and 10  
Updates needed. 6/11 turned out to be 1881 words, which is better than I had predicted. 7/11 still 0. 8/11 84, but LOVELY time hanging with people I care about, so still a win. Monday 9/11 a paltry 1020 as I started to sicken, then today = 0 as I felt like crap all day and so typed up the remaining words from previous days and slept a lot.

Did I mention on here that I have a stomach ulcer? I have a classic stress-induced stomach ulcer. It does not like cheese poisoning. I have only myself to blame. For the cheese. The ulcer I blame on the ad department.

Anyway, Day 10 and am at 12,035 words, which is about 4,600 down on where I should be. Tomorrow has a dinner with a friend I really like who is moving away, but then the rest of the week is looking free. Fingers crossed it goes back to raining and I can avoid having to water my garden!

And now, back to bed!
Mark McConchiemarkmc03 on November 10th, 2015 09:48 pm (UTC)
Not Nano
At first blush, I thought you were writing one day a month, on the 11th. Then I finally twigged and put the subject heading together with the content of your post and a dim little light winked on.

I no longer do the Nano challenge. I did it once successfully, several other times with limited to no success. It is a great excuse for beating oneself up however.

The one time I did complete it successfully, I wrote all fifty thousand words and more in approximately ten days. It didn't stick, however. No new habits borne of that experience.

Good luck to you!