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24 May 2015 @ 08:06 pm
Eurovision 2015, final  
And … we're back. And we seem to be at the New Year's Concert. Fair enough. I had been thinking last year fled abnormally swiftly. It's Beethoven's Ninth and flaming torches – erm, is that a Hanseatic League reference? A lit-up representation of beautiful Vienna for credits, and now CONCHITA! With a graphiccy thingy-whatsit of a mysterious glowing round object making its way across Austria, which really is staggeringly beautiful.

Did you know they changed walk signals to gay couples in Vienna for the contest? Nice.

And now the mysterious object is at the stadium and it's a disco ball. A lovely violinist comes on to celebrate Austria's previous Eurovision winner. Big cheer, bless! And THERE'S AN ORCHESTRA! YAY!!!

Back to Conchita, who started the revival of Bond themes. She rises up out of the floor, like a hot pink pantsuited Aphrodite. And it's the dance party remix of … no it's a whole other song. About Building Bridges. The hosts are back, all in black tonight, and Conchita's up on wires flying like a you know what above everyone, and the Vienna Boys' Choir with a few friends is on stage. And a rapper, who then magically disappears, which is easily the best thing that could have happened to him. A bit more singing and now it's the Parade of Singers With Flags again.

I'm going to come out early and say that I'm a big fan of Serbia, even if there is a man with a bun among her backup dancers.

And they call Australia! And even Guy Sebastian is all 'I have no idea what I am doing here.' I plan to mock him later, but I should say that he's actually pretty good and an OK bloke.

Oh god, the Australian commentators are singing. Someone has GOT to ban alcohol in their commentary box next year. They're not Terry Wogan, they're Baz and Doreen down the pub; top people, but geez she can't carry a tune and he'll try to put his hand on your arse when he's sunk a few.

Yet another Hello to Australia. How much did we pay them? Big Aussie flag up the back, Guy clearly has longer arm than most to get it up that high. There's heckling from the crowd, I hope it is saying 'Hurry up!'

Nice little video montage of people performing one action somewhere in the world, and having it finished in another: a chap in London pours out some tea, a chap in Spain holds up the cup and takes a sip, which gets a thumbs up. Yes, we are all in this together. Unless you need a bailout for your economy, in which case, you're on your own.

Did you know it's a green event? Those are recycled balls up on the ceiling. OOH! China is taking Eurovision this year. Well, that's the and of Aus being your favourite poor cousins. Voting explanations up: I confess, I slept through most of the live show, woke up in time to vote, and decided against it. To maintain the purity of my snark. And warmness of my feet.

Slovenia to kick us off, Here For You, with that nice married couple performing it, she of the crocheted white dress, headphones and Cyndi Lauperness. He has an M shaved in his head for Mozart. Of course he does. Look, I would dance to this song without pulling faces, but that's all I can say for it. It's a good performance, though, even if the air violin could have been lost without any lowering of standards.

France is next, Lisa Angell with N'Oubliez Paz (Don't Forget). To the backdrop of a town destroyed by war, she importunes us to remember what life had been like and not to forget what has happened. And think of the children. And now I'm lost because my French is very patchy, though something clearly happened at her house. Her major hurdles are that this is actually a very good song, and she can really sing. Ooh, nice use of on-stage drummers with a whole corps of them in the filmed backdrop. And now the town is being rebuilt! Hurrah! Look, you know, she actually has a hope with a gimmick and a triumphant ending like that. Probably still lose to some teenaged hottie because voting in this contest is ridic.

Fuck me, it's Israel. I don't have to face this again. I'm going to grab a drink.

And I come back to the commentators recycling jokes. I hear you, chaps. I hear you.

ESTONIA! Elena and Stig, Goodbye to Yesterday. It's all a bit Mad Men and those sorts of 1960s film and TV credits where they used dramatic silhouettes a lot. It's good, and I fear it might be the one that earworms me for weeks to come. I'm pleased to see that Estonia continues with it's mostly sterling Baltic Cool Credentials. Applause, for you chaps. Ooh, she's forced a tear at the end! Or it could just be a reaction to the serious eye makeup.

And it's Electro Velvet – Alex and Bianca – from the UK singing Still in Love With You. Which is essentially Cotton Club meets second-rate rave in Essex. He's actually rather good, and she has a nice 1920s style voice. But the whole neon effects thing was stupid in 1991 and it's still stupid now it's old enough to vote and drink. I hear the creeping steps of Nil Points. More good performers let down by a cruel system that doesn't value the honest worker.

Armenia next, Geneaology singing Face the Shadow. They want peace, they want unity, they want love. They're not going to mention that thing 100 years ago, but oh… yep, there's that chorus 'Don't Deny, Don't Deny, Yes and Don't Deny …' Fair enough. Gorgeous backdrop for this one, but the bells are still oddly timed and the voices slightly mismatched. However, there's undeniable oomph there, and pyro, which we always love.

Lithuania next up, more cool Balts. Monika and Vaidas with This Time. Her frock is still splendid. They're both lovely and charismatic, it's still hipster heaven, and if this song makes the top five I will not be at all surprised. Oh, I didn't notice all the kissing in the semis, boys on the left, mixed in the middle, girls on the right. Bless. He's still talking to the audience to cover up the bit in the song where they forgot to write any more lyrics, but it's all very nice and something of a crowd pleaser. Thumbs up from here.

And it's SERBIA! The singer is a Renaissance singer and knitter, we could be besties! It's Bojana with Beauty Never Lies, and her growlingly serious opening. Her hair is even bigger and sparklier for the final, I am impressed! 'Finally I can say, yes I'm different and that's OK' isn't really Waterloo in the lyrics department, but the costume reveal and shift into dance party anthem works just as well tonight as the first time. I blame all those martial arts films for men with buns, you know. He would never have thought it looked good if he hadn't seen someone do a flying kick with one. Anyway, strong contender.

Norway next up, she really has the best hair, forget what I was saying about that other woman. It's Mørland and Debrah again with A Monster Like Me. They both think they're monsters, which leads me to believe they were hanging with Joss Whedon when they came up with the idea. Unlike him, though, the woman in this song is able to clearly express her own decisions and positions and doesn't retreat from all previous character notes into a state of impotent passivity. And thus ends my Age of Ultron review. Norway are good, even with her weird arse skirt. Fabulous blending of their voices, they have clearly worked to make this a song, not just people singing well. If I was 16, this would totally be my morose hiding in the hayloft song for the next three months. I have my fingers crossed for them!

Time for Sweden – they are ripping through! – Heroes, sung by Mäns, whose pre-song routine is checking his flies. Good move. Mine was always a quick wee before a gig. Never hurts! I still can't remember the song the opening reminds me of, which is hugely embarrassing, because it's really obvious. Some dark Country & Western moment of Gothic. Anyway, it's over after 30-odd seconds and we're back on the dance floor. I will say that the light show continues to reward, it's really, really good. And young Mäns has fabulous stage presence, though 'Hummingbird' and 'greatest anthem ever heard' is really pushing a rhyme. There's a lot of 'OK so that's two verses and a catchy chorus, will that do?' going on tonight. Easily top 5 unless something very weird goes on in the voting.

Cyprus now. He's a sweet little gamer fella, and I bet he's not only anti-gamergate, he probably went out and intentionally sought out games designed by women, which he enjoyed on merit. Song is still dull as ditchwater, though. Very nice voice and sweet stage presence, just the writers writing for an intimate party of 85 rather than an international audience.

Moving on. IT'S AUSTRALIA! I am so conflicted over this, because it is stupid, and yet, if we win, I will have a totally valid excuse to wrangle a story and media spot for next year. Guy's postcard video before the song is filled with shots of Sydney. He's from Adelaide, but no-one knows what Adelaide looks like. True story, I have been there at least 15 times and cannot tell you what a single defining building might be. Though the gardens are very good and the art gallery is excellent on the inside. And now he is in Austria canal surfing. I just want to say that you chaps are EXCELLENT hosts! Guy Sebastian singing Tonight Again. He actually does have a fabbo voice, and I like that his Hipster Hat has a slight Akubra styling. The backup singer/dancers look a tiny bit drunk, I can't blame them. The song is cheerfully boppy, tonight's so good he's going to forget tomorrow and do tonight again. I feel that way every Sunday, Guy. Pyro! I like the fact the set decoration is street lights, symbolising Australia's massive love affair with cars. That was actually really good. I can't see us winning, though, Russia hate us after MH17 and so there's that whole bloc gone.

Belgium, with a serious entry. Loic singing Rhythm Inside. It's good, but too good for a Belgian Eurovision entry. I'm going to use these three minutes to brush my teeth.

Done. Back in time for Austria and the MakeMakes. ANOTHER MAN BUN! NO! They do a tough mudder for their postcard, so respect. I Am Yours is the name of the song, and they are the kings of tonight's hipster tribes. Gorgeous voice on the lead singer, nice pared-back opening, which I am always a fan of. Building up now, drummer's leopard skin scarf looks like the one I gave my work bestie for Chrimbo. The guitarist looks like … bugger that, the piano is on fire. This is not a metaphor, the piano is on fire. I would understand that if there was something exciting going on in the song, but it's very calm. The lead singer steps away from the flaming keyboard before his hair product ignites and comes up front to emote powerfully. And the guitarist looks like the guy from ABBA's less attractive cousin, complete with jumpsuit. Bonkers. Probably top five given recent years' voting patterns.

Greece now, likely to take out the Aussie 12 points by dint of numbers. Her postcard involves shipping a small child out into the sea, and I think most of us have felt like that at one point or another. One Last Breath, by Maria Elena Kyriakou. Very Emotional Singing! Light one touch of wind machine for form. It's a solid Greek entry: very well performed, not a bad song, but not likely to win because there is still no money in the coffers. But she REALLY brings the passion! And that wind machine ends up at 11. Very subtle check to see if that plunging neckline has gone too far at the end.

IT'S KNEZ! From Montenegro, singing Adio. Oh the lovely violinist is back, and the backup singers playing statues at the start of the song. He's clearly been having passion lessons from Greece, all the emoting! And the floor has become a shimmering sea to convey his heartbreak. The backup singing in this act might actually be the tightest of the night, and the folky dancing has a lot to recommend it, too. I hope this one comes in near the top, it genuinely deserves to. And the audience in the stadium is really into it.

Germany, whose competitor came second in the local final, after the winner said he didn't want to. It's Ann Sophie with Black Smoke. And she's crossing Madonna's floorshow with Adele's vocal stylings. Giant feather earring in the show's obligatory 90s' tribute. It's … look it's nice. It's a perfectly respectable song and she sings it well. It's just another song. Dancing grannies would have ENORMOUSLY improved it. And they're still not done. Another one with 90 seconds-worth of lyrics stretched out over three minutes.

Poland, with the lovely Monika singing In the Name of Love. They lose me at the start with the billowing curtain backdrops. Though I like the fact she has a ring in her train for holding it on her hand easily, as though she were at a Viennese waltz. I think I've watched too much in the way of Paralympic sport, but I think she would have been better in a racing or basketball chair and sneaking in a few dance moves. Still, terrific voice, and the backing singers have come up a notch since the semis.

Which brings us to Latvia and the teeny Aminata with her giant frock, singing Love Injected. Small woman, big voice, huge train. It actually sounds like it was written this century, which has not been the case for most songs. I can imagine this one being broken out at 4am when everyone was turning to the trance but needed something with a bit of welly to wake up enough to coordinate finding the first train or bus to get home. And where their shirts were. Or was that just my friends? Anyway, it's big, it's powerful, it could do a Loreen and grab victory on sheer unexpected points, but it lacks Euphoria's addictive qualities. We'll see. Well, most of you have already seen, I am late, let's be honest.

Romania, Voltaj singing De La Capat, which is basically 'Will No-one Think of the Children?' as the tune goes on. I can imagine this tune playing in the background of something Lord of the Ringsey. They're another band who will be penalised for being actually good. Or maybe I am behind the times and voters will now be rewarding musical skill instead of ice-skating, costume reveals and random acrobats. If polling goes with ability, they will do well.

Spain, who will be singing in Spanish, Edurne with Amanecer. She has a sparkly hoodie! I take it back, this is the song that is bringing the Lord of the Rings schtick. I've missed the waily wailies this year, and she has them in spades, too. Thanks, Spain! Long red cape coming out from her long red dress, being held up 10 metres behind her by a random bloke in black, then one tug and he whisks it away! Revealing her shimmery elf frock underneath. Half-naked male dancer comes out to whip her around the stage a bit and generally look impressive and she launches back into the verse while still up in his arms, then pushes him away to bring it home! THIS IS EUROVISION! THIS IS EVERYTHING I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!

Hungary is here to tell us that war is bad. We know, kids, we know. Boggie with Wars for Nothing, and since my opinion on this song hasn't changed since the semi I am going to scoff some leftover curry as I am starving. Yep, beautiful song, Hungary, but I had my fill of that in the old CND days.

Georgia, and I'm boycotting this one, too, because it irritated me so much. Good, because this is good curry and I don't want to have to bolt it. I think that show don't tell should apply to songs, sometimes. Yes, you're a warrior; why? For what? Merely having feathery shoulder pads does not a freedom fighter make, you know.

Azerbaijan! Elnur singing Hour of the Wolf. Goth clubs everywhere add +1 to their Spotify faves list. (Is that how it works? Don't ask me, I still buy CDs. Albeit over the internet directly from bands, because there are no record shops these days.) He's got a good voice, but since he won't give up his right, he knows every heart deserves a fight, I exercise the option to declare myself too old for this song. Let's be honest, it wouldn't even have made the hayloft sulking mixtape back in the day. Still, he really brings the vocals, if this was The Voice, he'd be in my top three.

Russia and the Very Pretty Women. Polina singing A Million Voices, with the best looking backups of the night. We are the World's People, Different but we're the same. We believe, believe in the dream. Speak for yourself, young lady, I believe in the vote and a properly regulated system of civic authorities including a non-militarised police force. Also socialised medicine. But she does have a terrific set of pipes, and everyone on stage with this set is so bloody attractive it's ridiculous. Strong Frozen overtones, though. Keep your six year olds away if you don't wish a year of piping cover versions. Top five, I'm thinking, it could even take it. Which is going to make the gay friendliness a bit awkward if we're off to Moscow next year.

Second last song! Albania, with their lovely, friendly singer, Elhaida, singing I'm Alive. She has a nice syrupy tone that would make this a great track to have on a travel tape. If there were still tapes. Her dress has distractingly weird underarms, how did I miss that in the semis? It looks as though there is a big mesh nude panel holding together the front and back cutaways, but then they've edged the mesh with black bias, looking as though someone drew on her with black sharpie. Anyway, the song is a bit meh, but her performance has grace, gusto and oomph.

IT'S THE END! Italy bring Il Volo and their popera stylings to sing Grande Amore. Their postcard is wheelchair basketball, which is probably my very favourite sport (Go Rollers!), so immediately it's at least 8 points from me. Or would have been if I had made it out of bed. Shut up, I'm very tired and overworked. It's a dramatic opening, something is serious and important and my Italian is not good enough to get much more except he's with something, there's flying and there's love. And the crowd is losing its collective shit! TENOR STYLINGS! HUGE VOICE! HOT ITALIAN BOYS! LIGHTS! Mostly hot, actually, the one with the thick beard needs to seriously reconsider his lifestyle choices. The other beard has it exactly right. I think this is the most perfectly Eurovision song of the night: it's essentially stupid, but done on such a massive scale that it looks impressive, like David Cameron's governing style. The crowd are going mad, I feel they will do very well.

That's it, we're done! Now Conchita is back in the green room, still sober. How does she do it? It's time to start the voting! Well, it was several hours ago, but I had cats on the bed, and was tired after catching up with friends and going into work on Saturday. Can I just say that if Israel win, I'm through with Eurovision. By dint of ignoring my flist and the news, I have no idea who's won, which is nice. Hey, the Aussie commentators just made an Isadora Duncan reference. Sam Pang, were you reading my semis recap? (I should take a moment to say that Julia and Sam are actually brill people, I am just overly cruel because they meant I missed the last Wogan years.)

Sound of Music reference from the hosts, pointing out that no-one in Austria has ever seen the bloody thing. Half your luck, people. Half your luck. It's time for the show! Martin Grubinger and The Percussive Planet Ensemble. You will not be shocked to learn there are lots of drums, and a spot of brass. And a freaking massive xylophone. It's enjoyable, and again it's clearly a part of the 60th anniversary retrospective, because I feel I watched this show in 1978. With Animal from the Muppets.

Ooh, alpine and French horns, sounding out from 'mountain' posts around the stadium. That's rather lovely. And lots of hands linked in love hearts, aw. And now giant hats looking like … buggerit, I know this one … oh, they're gone, and it's choral singing again. Bring on the white horses and some Marzipan balls and we will have ticked almost every Austrian box. Bloody good choral singing, but you'd expect that. Any moment now we're going to switch to 3/4 time and waltz.

Nope, it's African rhythms with a jazz edge and soundboxes and dumbeks abungo. And now clapping. And it is still going. And now it's not. Oh thank goodness for that.

They are now telling us that one vote can make the difference. Way to make me feel bad, chaps, thanks.

We're coming up on my favourite part: the wholly ridiculous voting choices. But before that happens, Conchita with You Are Unstoppable and Firestorm. She's utterly splendid: that 100% Shirley Bassey style commitment to the audience that just compels attention, even when the songs are standard Eurodance.

A fun little montage of winners over the years, which is actually really sweet, so many happy people, sobbing Celine Dion, woman with a thwack of streamers on her head, UKRAINE!, Lordi, and so many others totally losing their minds in delightful ways.

You know how every country has a jury as well as voters? We had Richard Wilkins on ours. There's no excuse for that.

VOTES! Montenegro to start. Her earrings are bigger than my head. Crapping on at great length, alas. Just give us the points! 8 to Azerbbaijan, 10 to Albania and 12 to Serbia! Which she sings. Why, madam? Why do this?

Malta: Australia gets 6 points! Thanks! 8 to Azerbaijan, 10 to Sweden, 12 to Italy, and all quickly done with no faff. Well done! Finland: 5 to Australia, 8 to Russia 10 to Estonia, and so they ought, and 12 to Sweden. Greece: 5 to Australia, which makes sense, we have their third-largest city over here, 8 to Russia, 10 to Cyprus, 12 to Italy.

Next up, Portugal: 7 points to Israel? Really? Link dropped out! Eek! OK, Romania: 2 to Australia, fair enough, 8 to Sweden, 10 to Russia, 12 to Italy. I tell you, the Popera does it every time. Belarus now: 6 to Australia, thanks!, 8 to Belgium, 10 to Sweden and 12 to Russia. Really? You clearly live in fear. Albania: 3 to Australia from a man dressed as a Wiggle, 8 to Russia, 10 to Greece and 12 to Italy! Portugal still isn't back.

Moldova: 4 to Australia, heading for a respectable 7th or so, 8 to Sweden, 10 to Russia and 12 to Romania. Serbia is being cruelly robbed here, not to mention France! Azerbaijan: 8 to Italy, 10 to Georgia, and 12 to Russia in the clearest example of a bloc vote, I TYPED THAT BEFORE HE SAID IT AND IT WAS AS IT WAS. Sigh. Latvia, who I hope gives Russia 1, because seriously; 5 to Australia, 8 to Italy, 10 to Russia, Seriously?, 12 to Sweden. Putin has all your puppies held hostage, doesn't he?

The UK has one point, France has 0. It's a travesty.

Serbia: 3 to Australia, 8 to Sweden, 10 to Russia and 12 to Montenegro. I typed that before she said it, too. Sigh. Estonia! 5 to Australia, thanks, chaps, and she's gone! Link down! Meep! Ironic when you consider they own Skype. Denmark, who gives Aussie a good morning: 8 points to Australia! Thanks! It's the Mary connection, yes? 10 to Russia, 12 to Sweden. Switzerland: 8 points to Australia, bless!, 1o to Norway! Yay! and 12 to Sweden. They are closing in on Russia!

Belgium time: 4 to Australia, 8 to Italy, 10 to Russia, and 12 to Sweden. 0 to France? How? Why? France: 2 to Australia, 8 to Sweden, 10 to Russia and 12 to Belgium, the ungrateful bastards. Armenia: 1 to Australia, a bit harsh, but I think the presenter is stoned, 8 to Montenegro, 10 to Georgia, 12 to Russia. Sigh. Clearly puppy hostages.

Ireland give 5 to Australia and 2 to the UK, bless you all! 8 to Russia, 10 to Sweden and 12 to Latvia! Sweden, with a UN speech: 8 to Italy, 10 to Belgium and 12 to AUSTRALIA! THANKS, SWEDEN! We love you, too! Germany: 7 to Australia, 8 to Belgium, 10 to Sweden, 12 to Russia. UK has 2, France has 3, so something is going right.

Australia! Lee Lin Chin is giving the results. She is a newsreader and we love her passionately. 8 to Italy, 10 to Russia and 12 to Sweden. We love Blonds here. She dresses like that on the news, you know. Only 20 countries to go. This is going on longer than the singing. Surely there are UN conventions against this? I have a terrible feeling my recording is going to run out before the voting does, you know.

Czech Republic: 8 to Russia, 10 to Sweden, 12 to Azerbaijan! Spain: 7 to Australia, 8 to Sweden, 10 to Russia and 12 to Italy, bringing them back into contention. Austria, with a fab woman presenter: 8 to Russia, 10 to Italy and 12 points to AUSTRALIA! THANKS, AUSTRIA! You are the best hosts ever, we're so glad we came! FYR Macedonia: 8 to Slovenia, 10 to Serbia, very deserved! 12 to Albania. Slovenia: 2 to Australia, 8 to Italy, 10 to Montenegro!, 12 to Sweden! Hungary: 8 to Australia! Thanks!, 10 to Sweden, 12 to Belgium. UK: it's Nigella Lawson! 8 points to Italy!, 10 to Australia! Thanks!, 12 to Sweden, I feel certain. YES! We know where we want to party next year.

Georgia: LINK GONE! NO! HOW? Lithuania: 3 to Australia, 8 to Estonia (YAY!), 10 to Sweden and 12 to Latvia. Because Lithuania have protected their puppies and remember the last 300 years. The Netherlands: Phwoar, their presenter has amazing boobs: 8 to Australia, ta! 10 to Sweden and 12 to Belgium! Poland: 8 to Australia, thanks!, 10 to Latvia, 12 to Sweden!

I am never going to get to the end of this voting on this recording. I should have thought more clearly and added an extra hour.

Israel: 7 to Australia, thanks, chaps, 8 to Russia, 10 to Sweden and 12 to Italy. Because they love popera there! Russia: 4 to Australia, 8 to Sweden, 10 to Belgium and 12 to is it going to be Italy or Belarus? ITALY! Hurrah! Presenter is annoying, but gone. San Marino time: 8 to Australia, yay!; 10 to oh fuck she's singing all of them, Italy, and 12 to LATVIA! Nice! Italy time: 6 to Australia, thanks, chaps, 8 to Israel, because they adore shitty rap, 10 to Russia, 12 to Sweden. Iceland: 8 to Australia, thank you! 10 to Norway and 12 to Sweden! Cyprus: 4 to Australia, 8 to Greece, 10 to Sweden and 12 to Italy!


Norway come in and give 8 to Latvia, 10 to Australia, cheers!, 12 to Sweden. Portugal: 8 to Sweden, 10 to Russia and 12 to Italy! Estonia: 8 to Hungary, 10 to Sweden and 12 to Russia. Lastly, Georgia's top points: 8 to Italy, 10 to Azerbaijan and 12 to Armernia! AUSTRALIA ARE 5th! HURRAH! SWEDEN! YAY! And poor old Austria and Germany, so unfair on 0 points.

So Mäns runs back to the stage, with flags, tears, hugs, arms in the air, glitter and gloss. Conchita brings him the trophy, they hug, he stammers, there are thanks and love, it's like the Oscars, there's a nice nod to marriage equality (YAY IRELAND!) and that's it, we're done, he's going to sing again and I can leave all this for another year. Thanks, Eurovision, thanks Austria, it's been a gorgeous contest and thank goodness there's another year before we have to go through all of this again!
Loyaulte Me Lieshocolate on May 24th, 2015 11:11 am (UTC)
I always think of yOu during eurovision, but OMG this year!!

I voted for Estonia - I actually gasped when he was gone!
piratesmile331piratesmile331 on May 24th, 2015 12:20 pm (UTC)
Your review was epic!!! *lol*
connorblondconnorblond on May 24th, 2015 12:21 pm (UTC)
I think it was a horrible show, tbh. A lot of very, very mediocre performances. And nothing outstanding, nothing like last year's entry from Holland or Conchita.

Fell asleep at the beginning of the voting, which has NEVER happened to me before. That really says it all. And the harpies three women were hard to endure. But alas ... off to Sweden in hopes for better performances. Phew, so glad they dodged that Russia bullet. The performance wasn't bad, but no way Moscow would have been a good choice.
Emmaemmacmf on May 24th, 2015 12:33 pm (UTC)
This year was comparatively dull, but I actually did like Sweden's song, and loved the light effects, so I was glad he won!
goddessrissgoddessriss on May 24th, 2015 12:44 pm (UTC)
I always look forward to your Eurovision reviews and you never disappoint! Sadly, I gave up watching part way through - there comes a point where you just can't take any more and mine was Georgia. In other news, I still miss Terry Wogan.
Casaella_irene on May 24th, 2015 01:11 pm (UTC)
Over in the Uk, Graham Norton was practically sober. This is not the commentary we have come to expect.

Serbia was robbed, and I did start wondering if the links were going out as part of a Nefarious Russian Plot. Even the singer looked like people she loved were being held hostage.
Shivshiv5468 on May 24th, 2015 01:24 pm (UTC)
Added twitter makes the whole thing even better.
Nennenenne on May 24th, 2015 02:47 pm (UTC)
It's fun reading your "report". Thanks!
Vaysh Swiftstormvaysh on May 24th, 2015 04:10 pm (UTC)
I was waiting for your report, and it did not disappoint. Totally part of the Eurovision ritual.

@Germany's zero points. The one and only Barbara Schöneberger, our hostess on the Hamburg Reeperbahn, declared that getting 0 points is so bad it has style, and we unite with Austria's zero points, and start building on that for next year. Yep.
Kristina Anderssonkriscat on May 25th, 2015 05:02 pm (UTC)
Since Måns won, does that mean that blamebrampton might get a work-trip to Sweden next year? ;) Sweden is lovely in May...
Catherine17catherines on May 29th, 2015 08:28 am (UTC)
I actually got to vote! It was terribly exciting, and made the whole voting announcement bit much more interesting, I have to say.

I still think Serbia was robbed. We kept on worrying whenever the countries near Russia dropped out that it was because they had been invaded...

Guy Sebastian impressed me. I really wasn't expecting to like him that much.

And I was very sad for Britain, Germany and France, who I thought all deserved better. Austria, less so. It was nice to see Belgium do well, too.
glorafinglorafin on June 5th, 2015 11:16 pm (UTC)
Your dismissal of the Belgian entry punched a tiny hole in my heart, which has not stopped bleeding since, drop by drop.