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11 March 2014 @ 10:26 pm
Still so sleeeeeeeeepy …  
But, KITTEN news!

So we are adopting Nameless the kitten. I visited him this evening in a bid to get photos. Potential names include: Speedy, Ninja, Indefatigable, and – like all relaxed kittens – Fartybum. Will Not Bloody Stand Still For A Second Unless Being Cuddled is too long, and I was not taking a selfie of my norks, which he was burrowing into when cuddled. So here are two bad pix!



Judging from his running around the vet room trying to make friends with all the cats and dogs (especially Jack the Jack Russell terrier), his epic levels of sluttitude are not confined to humans. And when I put him back in his cage, there was yet more epic levels of mewling and reaching out with paws in an astonishing display calculated to induce the maximum amount of guilt kittily possible. So Classic Jewish Mother, My Actual Mother, Pope Francis and (my great friend) Arty's Greek Nona would all also be appropriate names, albeit unwieldy.

And I had a little chat with Lynxie the kitten so miniature his name has had to be made into a diminutive. His chart even reads 'Needs to gain significant weight.' Here he is, and you can see why we think he might not do well in our small house of much heavy stuff, big boofy Monster cats and Mr Brammerses:
photo(16) That is a cutaway 4L bottle he is sleeping in. Those are his little shoulder and hip bones you can see jutting out. If we had a bigger house and I had a career that could be done from home, obviously I would also be adopting him!

And now I need to do a load of washing, water the garden, bake Anzac biscuits and get to bed before midnight, which is in 95 minutes. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! [Fade to sounds of slightly manic laughter.]
blamebramptonblamebrampton on March 12th, 2014 01:34 pm (UTC)
It's very hard to resist, but we do have a small house, and even tiny kitten will be a full sized cat one day. Our two adults already take up most of the ironing board …