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04 November 2013 @ 10:23 pm
One Nanometre at a time …  
Starting words: 11,781
Day two: 13, 651
Day three: 14, 689, total of 1038 and I only deleted a couple of hundred, which were always rubbish!

* Day three was a Sunday, which meant no claims on my time!

* Are you mad? It was Sunday! There was cleaning, gardening, eating out, epic cat patting … And it was nearly 35°C, which was disgusting. Luckily, a front rolled in during the evening.
* Convinced Mr B he should go running. Which meant I had to go running. And keep running, rather than my standard run, walk, pat dog, chat about dog, sniff flower, run, walk … Three times a week is the plan. I am coming around to the Loki theory.
* Massive headache from the weather, which meant no post last night and I have just woken from a nap tonight and need to get in proper words before getting some proper sleep. DOOMED!