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16 April 2013 @ 11:59 pm
In other news …  
While it is well known that I think astrology is bunk, I can sometimes understand why people get the idea that it must be true, because fabulous people share birthdays so often. And today is a prime example!

VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to tinofbeans, I will bring the cake the next time we catch up!

And HURRAH for the natal day of astardanced77, you delightful young woman! I hope your husband passed on the wild hugs that were sent your way at Easter.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, too, to 17catherines! I hope that it has been filled with delicious ingredients and an entire university full of presents and cheer! If anyone who is a foodie or music person is not following her, hie ye hence! She is as lovely as she is erudite!

And on the topic of erudition, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, too, to inamac, who will actually get this message on her day (sorry Australians!) You continually inspire me with your posts and images of your world. I hope the animals are all beautifully behaved for you and that you are showered with gifts!
inamacinamac on April 16th, 2013 06:54 pm (UTC)
Why Thank You! You must have worked a charm, my internets are working, the animals are behaving nicely, the weather is fine and I have just had a wonderful lunch - what more can one desire?
Catherine17catherines on April 17th, 2013 03:43 am (UTC)
Thank you!

We also get Spike Milligan and Charlie Chaplin, as well as the Butcher of Cumberland (something which distressed me deeply in my Jacobite days), among others.
astardanced77astardanced77 on April 25th, 2013 11:19 am (UTC)
Belated thank you!
Thank you so much! I haven't checked my LJ in ages (have had a ridiculously busy couple of weeks) so this was a lovely surprise. :-)