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04 January 2013 @ 12:47 am
I do not understand you, LJ.  
You did not eat my rec post, although you told me you did. Why panic me when we've been having such a rough week? You were going along so well and then suddenly, you were flakier than a teenaged lead guitarist. Still, at least you're better than my router, which has decided it no longer wants to be wireless. Screw you, router, I own cables. I will not have to break my budget plans this month!

In better news, BIRTHDAYS!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY dylansbuzz! You've had such a couple of years, I cannot tell you how inspiring you have been! You kick arse, even on the days when you don't feel like doing any kicking. Your generosity and support for all those around you is a constant source of joy to the sensible parts of your flist, and kind of amazing. I wish for you a year of new housing somewhere fab, new people who are the sort you'll be happy to meet, and at least a few nice men to shyly mention that you look amazing, just because it's a nice thing to hear now and then! And your bands playing gigs close to you!

HAPPY SLIGHTLY LATE BIRTHDAY pinkdiamond! You're another inspiration: SO MANY FROCKS! I love the passion you bring to textile history, and the cleverness of all your creations. For you, I wish Swift and Very Helpful Medical Advances, plus an unexpected pile of cash, so you can get to all those museums you've been craving. That and All The Silk!

I know that I owe comments abungo, and thank you to those who have been chatting, especially on the last post. But right now, sleep wins! Talk soon!

ETA: Sod it, I forgot again to say Happy Late Birthday rada_1185. LJ did not tell me it was your birthday on Tuesday! For that, I hope you have a year of faultless internet, bakers popping in extra croissants, and people just giving you random good stuff because they thought you might like it.  And now, really, sleep!
Nennenenne on January 3rd, 2013 05:17 pm (UTC)
LJ has been causing panic everywhere. *nods*