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03 January 2013 @ 11:57 pm
HD Holidays 2012 Recs 2  
OK, let's see if I can type like the wind! Just a short rec list today because I did my first spin class of the year and Am Knackered. I didn't even take the break off gym! But the first week of the year is always full of instructors assuming you've eaten All The Pie, as they did ;-) Again, the following recs are all from this year's HD Holidays, and I am not reading in order, so they're a bit all over the place.

Hints are for Schoolboys for ME! HURRAH! There is another St Paul's in London, which was built out of one man's vanity and another's genius. It's nestled in one of the busier parts of the city, where tourists mingle and people do strange things, including tightrope walking. Really! So with everyone busy with their own things, it's the perfect place for an unobserved kiss.

The artist is about as anonymous as I am tall. And she fooled me AGAIN. There is a long story there, which I will share after reveals. Suffice to say that this is a perfect slice of London rendered in watercolour and you will LOVE it.

Quietus  for frayach is a very tightly composed 17,600 words. Straight after the final battle, Draco realises that he wants to do something to make it all seem worthwhile. He asks Harry Potter if there's something he can do to help, and Harry rebuffs him – while he hopes Malfoy is sincere, he's too exhausted to think about it right now. But the Order of the Phoenix still exists, and Draco is perfectly positioned to draw out escaped Death Eaters.

His handler Charlie Weasley disguises him as Malcolm, a distant Weasley cousin (home-schooled) and stows him in a safe house. One shared by another Order member. You will win no prizes for guessing his name. And so each has a chance to get to know the other, and to right past wrongs.

This is another compassionate story, where mistakes are not overlooked, but they can be moved past, and you can learn from them and not make them again. There are some wonderful ideas in here that I cannot tell you about because they would be too spoilery, but let me just say that it is a lovely piece of plot-driven gentle romance, with a genuine intelligence.

And there are lots of lovely passages in this piece, too. A non-spoilery bit from the beginning: 'He grew dimly aware of the noise and activity rising around them as the survivors' shock wore off and the process of recovery began—bodies removed, tables replaced, knots of students (and adults, even) passing a somewhat dazed-looking Potter from hand to hand like a Quaffle. The Hall began to fill with daylight, bright and relentless, as though this were just any ordinary morning—as though the world hadn't upended itself in the light of dawn.'

Like in a Dream  for omi_ohmy, just over 18,000 words. I need to do a load of washing before I can sleep, so I am just going to edit my comment for this one. Harry has been plagued with bad dreams since the War and has used lucid dreaming techniques to manage them. Into one of his dreams blunders Draco Malfoy, lost in the dreamscape and cut off from his body, a body that he can't even direct Harry to. Unless he can be found and made whole, he's doomed.

I loved the many layers of care that make up this story. It's a generous and gentle story out of two people's hurt that uses such richly evocative language that it was easy to get lost in the dream world and start seeing it as the real one. I loved that the writer then snapped us back into the 'reality' of the story with Harry's Aurorly investigation of Draco's, er, Separation full of economical language and appropriately mocking sidekicks. The reality of Harry and Draco's past creeps into their idyll in the dreamworld, bringing laughter and learning, and even understanding.

It's much pornier than most fics I read, there were a few scenes I had to read with my eyes shut, but I really enjoyed the cleverness of this fic, and it's tremendously romantic, a perfect Sunday afternoon fic!

Nennenenne on January 3rd, 2013 05:21 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the recs. I enjoyed Quietus too and I definitely need to read the other one.