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08 December 2011 @ 01:33 am
Rec! Stuff! Maybe now is the time to take up coffee again?  
A few months ago I met fire_juggler online, which was a GOOD day. She had the brilliant idea for a podfic fest, hp_podfic_fest, which has been running for a week and which I have SO many things bookmarked on already for listening to at the gym. 

But I couldn't hold off on listening to this one: raitala's reading of Tidings of Comfort. It's all in the very best spirit of regifting, as this was a story I wrote for rai after hanging out with her in London and Paris in 2009. It's all about our shared love for Wren's architecture and Draco Malfoy's cheekbones. Her reading of it is spot-on perfect, with Draco's crisp need and Harry's tentative warmth coming across beautifully in the voices. She even captures the briskness of the weather – it was started on her sofa in the winter of '09 while I alternately typed and cupped my nose with gloved hands in an effort to thaw it ;-)

At only just over 10 minutes, it's a very quick listen, so even if you have never dipped a ear into podfic before, this is an ideal place to start listening (NB, it is raitala's reading that makes it so good, she could add charm to Hansard).

The fest has fics ranging from under 10 minutes to over an hour, and a variety of pairings and gen are up so far, so load up your ipod!

Summary: Draco Malfoy has been coming to sit in St Paul's for a few weeks now. He isn't looking for salvation or forgiveness, just quiet and space to think. When he meets a familiar figure on the steps of the cathedral one winter evening, it's better than anything he'd thought of wishing for at Christmas.

In other news, poor little Cookie cat is not having a good week. She did something to the tendons of her back right leg yesterday morning (probably a mis-step in one of her epic leaps of teleportation), and it was very painful. The vet massaged the tendon back into place, then dosed her up on painkillers and anti-inflamatories, which had her wide-pupilled and tripping all day. It was very hard trying to keep her calm in order not to exacerbate her original injury. Today she has been rather sore and stiff and having the sort of reaction to the drugs that I do -- which is to say her stomach is rebelling and she is not a happy camper.

Because she is a tiny black cat, she finds it quite easy to hide around the house, which is full of tiny dark nooks and crannies. Despite searching methodically through a room that we know she is in, torch in hand, she often defies finding. It is as though she moves into a parallel dimension and then slips back into this one when she wants some human company. Which is normally fine, but when she is ill, it's a bit distressing. Poor wee beastie. I don't know how people manage having sick children, having a sick cat throws me into a pother of concern that wipes out most other thought.

And, unrelatedly, since I have been going to the gym I have dropped a dress size and so some clothes have been moved on – in some cases to sleeping or garden clothing. At the same time, Sydney is CHILLY for the start of summer: 17-21 degrees C as opposed to 24-37 a few weeks ago. The other night I pulled on some old yoga pants and a stripy long-sleeved T-shirt that had been redesignated as pyjamas. Then, because I was reading in a draughty room, I added a beret and gloves that were on top of my woollies pile. After a while, I pottered into the study to see what Mr B was up to. He took one look at me and burst out laughing. I looked down. I realised what he could see. I backwards-walked-against-the-wind out of there.
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Harrold the Flying Sheep: sexyharroldsheep on December 7th, 2011 07:01 pm (UTC)
"...I pulled on some old yoga pants and a stripy long-sleeved T-shirt ... added a beret and gloves...."
pics pics
Jocelyn Lavingroolover on December 7th, 2011 09:57 pm (UTC)
My cat does the impossible hiding thing too, and he's not particularly tiny. There have been times when I've frantically searched for an hour - when I *know* he's in the flat (there's no way for him to get out!) - and he's eventually appeared behind me and I have NO IDEA where he was. The parallel dimension is the only reasonable explanation.

Hope she feels better soon! I hate it when they're ill!
snottygrrl on December 8th, 2011 05:48 am (UTC)
thanks for the link to the fest. i thought i was already watching it but wasn't, doh! i did three of the covers of what's already posted and it was great to see them all up and shiny!

thanks, too, for that link to the comic the other day. life is a little insane currently so i'm sucking at commenting :P
Jaeenchanted_jae on December 10th, 2011 03:46 am (UTC)
Poor kitter! She'll be okay. You need to post some photos of your more inventive outfits.