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23 June 2011 @ 01:44 am
A quick thank you ...  
... to everyone who put up with the recent ghastly posts.

You will be happy to know that no one in this house has vomited in over 24 hours and that we have much soup. Thanks to the deli. Blessed deli!

My boss said that she would be thrilled to lose 10 pounds in two days, I assured her she would not be. She remained unconvinced, I blame the media.

Oh, and just as an aside, Lord Monckton is a complete cock.

Normal service will resume shortly.
Meredythmeredyth_13 on June 22nd, 2011 04:26 pm (UTC)
Glad your innards are choosing to remain in finally. That kind of tummy upset = hell on earth.

Although, if you actually did lose weight as a consequence I do envy you. Despite a pretty impressive lifetime of stomach ailments, my body refuses to use it as a reason for weight loss. *sigh*

*hugs from an entirely germ safe distance*
blamebramptonblamebrampton on June 22nd, 2011 04:38 pm (UTC)
Oh lordy yes. My body says: 'What, no daily chocolate or big pot of broccoli? PANIC! CONSUME SELF!'

I wish I hadn't said that, my appetite is starting to return and I would kill for some garlic broccoli now ... (HUGS BACK!)
Nennenenne on June 22nd, 2011 04:31 pm (UTC)
I have no idea who Lord M. is, but I believe you.

Good to hear that you're feeling better. :)
blamebramptonblamebrampton on June 22nd, 2011 04:41 pm (UTC)
He's a leading anti-climate change compaigner, who I normally agree to just think is a numpty with all the scientific comprehension of an aardvark and a willingness to confuse empiricism with ideology normally only seen in Creationists. However, today video emerged of him calling Professor Ross Garnaut (highly respected Australian economist) a fascist and using a Powerpoint slide of a swastika to illustrate his point, simply because Garnaut believes the overwhelming consensus of the scientific community.

Aside from the outrageous overstepping of the boundaries of public debate, he uses Powerpoint. The man is beyond the pale.

And thank you!
Nennenenne on June 22nd, 2011 04:54 pm (UTC)
So his biggest flaw is the use of Powerpoint? ;)
jeknijekni on June 23rd, 2011 12:08 pm (UTC)
I had to go look him up on Wikipedia [G]. Numpty indeed. I like his idea on the way to stop AIDS (NOT).
blamebramptonblamebrampton on June 23rd, 2011 12:15 pm (UTC)
I'd forgotten all about that! Talk about your epidemiology fail -- yeah, sure a global virus comes from nowhere and you can totally put it back in its box by dealing with infections in one or two countries ... He really is a total moron when it comes to all the sciences!
κάτι τρέχει στα γύφτικα: J-armsovershoulders resignedexhaustion_inbetween_ on June 22nd, 2011 05:55 pm (UTC)
Somehow your post-intro was negated by the vomitting which just jumped into my eye as I finally bit into my soggy dinner.

ETA: despite severe vomittophobia, I'm with your boss on this. Though I suspect it's still mostly water and muscle mass.

Edited at 2011-06-22 05:56 pm (UTC)
kayokokayoko on June 22nd, 2011 08:23 pm (UTC)
Glad to hear that everyone is feeling better!
mrsquizzicalmrsquizzical on June 22nd, 2011 09:21 pm (UTC)
so glad you are feeling better! what an ordeal.

i have friends who are devoted to lord monckton and his pov and it strains the relationship i have to say. D:
Jaeenchanted_jae on June 23rd, 2011 12:00 am (UTC)
Good to hear you're both on the mend.
bare_memabonwitch on June 23rd, 2011 12:04 am (UTC)
Excellent, the plague has passed.

I agree. There is something wrong when people would willingly be painfully sick to lose weight. Health is important, people!

As an aside, I am participating in Merlin fandom's Summer Pornathon which requires a great deal of capslocking in the name of team spirit. I kept having to delete as I wrote this and remind myself, "No, wait, this is Brammer's journal. Do not capslock flail here." But I have managed!
AutumnHearti_autumnheart on June 23rd, 2011 06:39 am (UTC)
Have you seen the exercise in countering Monckton that is running over at the The Conversation? Should be entertaining for a few days.
shu_shu_sleepsshu_shu_sleeps on June 23rd, 2011 07:40 am (UTC)
Some people do buy in to that whole "I'm one dose of stomach flu away from my goal weight" deal... glad to hear you and Mr B are getting better. Soup is good. And cups of tea. And cuddles from cats.