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06 February 2011 @ 11:53 pm
Du-du-du-du du-DAH -- They say it's your BIRTHDAY!  
calanthe_fics , you Billie Piper-impersonating hottie of epic epicness, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love the way you write, but it's your generous heart I truly love.

Oh, all right, and your fantastic gazongas.

I hope that you are having the most spectacular day and that the present and cake fairies are going wild.

And dear marryoh , I know that your 2011 goal was to spend less time on LJ, so you might miss this, but I hope you have a day of absolute splendour and delight. Or, failing that, nice gifts and cake!
calanthe_fics on February 6th, 2011 01:51 pm (UTC)

Here I am receiving my lifetime award for services rendered to fandom sanity the world over:

Dunno who that bloke is letching over my gazongas. Doctor someone. Hm, I wonder if he's a colorectal specialist? Should have got his phone number after all!

I am having a lovely day! Satan let his smallest minion out to spend the day with me, and we are all madly packing for CenterParcs tomorrow. Mr Cal bought me Trollbeads galore and this nail varnish (he had help picking it).

I can't thank you enough for organising my beauty voucher. You must all have had to take out second mortgages to buy it! I love you!!!