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12 February 2010 @ 12:44 am
Oooh ...  
I often joke that I can't remember the last time I interviewed for a job, as I am usually poached (I work in an incestuous industry where there is only a small pool of people who can do certain things).

Tonight I went to update my CV, as I have a request for a copy from someone I don't really know.

The most recent one I can find is from 2001.

I have no idea of half the things I have done since then ... And had completely forgotten more than a few of the things that were listed on that one.

It occurs to me that I could be more focussed on my career.

In other news, HAPPY BIRTHDAY lil_shepherd ! May lovely things present themselves to your gifted eyes!

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUST NOW to deensey ! You may have your gift now, it just involves the two of us actually meeting up, which should be so much easier than it seems to be ;-) Have a lovely year, dear, or tell me who I need to slap for you, Goodness knows I'm local!
κάτι τρέχει στα γύφτικα_inbetween_ on February 11th, 2010 02:41 pm (UTC)
Trust you to "have archery" to boot! And Emma Peel boots.

Ah, hm, well ... to be honest, if not for the money? If just because seeing your ex-pupils overtake you? Then I would be completely opposed. But if you can hoard a bit of cash for a limited time span, that's the only reason - not just for me, even for you - I'd say go for it. Because the third motivation of being famed or recognised by people in the business or higher up only makes sense if that is your permanent long-time life goal. See, your promise of free houses makes me push you into becoming a multimillionairess.
blamebramptonblamebrampton on February 11th, 2010 02:49 pm (UTC)
HEE! Don't get too excited, the houses could be in Slough or Adelaide (apologises in advance to anyone from Slough or Adelaide who reads this).

The competition is not such a thing, I would just like more wealth so I can do more things with it. I have sufficient, but not enough to do any of the really fun things, like random philanthropy or front of plane travel regularly.

But then, succeeding in publishing as an editor or publisher has a finite scale of rewards, whereas succeeding as a writer can be far more lucrative. So it becomes a question of do I put my effort into the more certain, less interesting, less possibly huge remuneration side of things, or do I focus more on the other, while possibly missing out on both avenues for success?

And then, money is not my marker for success with writing, the end product is. But I can't eat a perfectly turned phrase. However, if I am focussed on editing, I may not even turn the phrase at all.

Really, at this point I am regretting not using my archery skills for ill-gotten gains and becoming the world's only Medievalist Bank Robber.

κάτι τρέχει στα γύφτικα_inbetween_ on February 11th, 2010 04:25 pm (UTC)
Mmmmh, Slough.

I seriously pondered the pro and cons of robbing banks with a bow and arrow and arrived at the conclusion that you'd be identified more easily, so I fear it's ye olde uncertainty principle. Except I find one has actually more of a "reach" as the person who decides what is being shown, read, put on or published than the individuals trying to be seen, heard or published. Plus don't forget you are meant to slough and slave over your labour of love before and ofter drudge work. Artists need no sleep.