blamebrampton (blamebrampton) wrote,

Erg ...

This is a frustrating month of frustrations.

On the upside, today is a Great Day for Fandom! For it is the birthday of many terrific people!


calanthe_fics , whose sense and talent inspire and delight, and who will one day get the fic I started to write for her last year, except that it is much harder work than I had imagined (I am going for NC17!) May you have the most delightful weekend possible, and may this year see everything fall into far easier places!

marryoh  whose cheeriness and passion for good Merlin fic brighten up many a day. And how can anyone blame a girl for being seduced by the glory that is Bradley? I hope that he appears outside your house with a flat tyre! (Cal and I will fight you for him, then I will steal Cal Jnr's fave toy to distract Cal!)

mahaliem , whose writing is so thoroughly humane, whether hilarious humour or things more serious, that when I was recently really impressed by someone else's writing, the best way I could find to compliment it was to say that it had a touch of the mahaliems. I hope that this year will bring you comfort and joy.

and also to lelwani , I hope your studies have been going well and that you are having a lovely time even though you've not been around much lately.

Finally, HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY el_princess  for the 2nd. Oops! Haven't seen you about for some time so I am hoping that translates to you spent it having a great time elsewhere. And fourth_rose , did you really have a birthday and not tell anyone? That's no help! I like to make a fuss over you! Honestly, I am hopeless enough at things that are on the list ... Anyway, very best wishes!

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