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25 January 2010 @ 11:46 pm
Memory of a oooh ... shiny ...  
Er, my Haiti auction closed on Saturday. I remembered this tonight. It helps if you think of me as being something like a red setter: shiny glossy coat swinging in the breeze, bright big eyes, warm damp nose, really, really abstracted.

ANYWAY, on to our winners! Out in front was the lovely and self-sacrificing emerald_dragon , bless her! Who saved me from the terrifying consortium of pushdragon  and meredyth_13 , and their threated Twilight porn (probably. Emerald, if you're planning on asking for a sequel or DVD extra, you may yet have your wish AND some unexpected comedy, for a given value of comedy.) In third place was theburningboy 's mum, HOWEVER, I have a caveat. Although I did not ban consortiums, they are clearly evil. Therefore, tbb's mum can have equal second place, and have her choice of whichever two options emerald does not choose.

The random prize was won by hitsuzen_hime , who was drawn from the literal hat by Mr Brammers.

If anyone above has already spent all their donation money, that's fine, just let me know and we will go to the next on the list (I have left the slips in the hat should it come to that!)

Otherwise, winners, get in touch with receipt numbers, and Emerald, you have first pick! Hurrah! Thank you very very much to everyone who bid, you are all complete champions!
alienor77310alienor77310 on January 25th, 2010 01:14 pm (UTC)
Conversely, did you get my e-mail?
blamebramptonblamebrampton on January 25th, 2010 01:24 pm (UTC)
Ooh, yes! And I will be writing to you in the morning, because tomorrow is a public holiday and I will have time to think! MSF it is, BTW ;-)
Nienna: The Moon and the Yew Treeniennas_gift on January 25th, 2010 01:40 pm (UTC)
Darn! No sparkly vampire porn. I was wondered if the glitter wore off with all the rubbing.
blamebramptonblamebrampton on January 25th, 2010 01:41 pm (UTC)
I'm not relaxing until I hear back from Emerald. It is not beyond Push to have bribed her with cocktails and chocolates!
Meredythmeredyth_13 on January 25th, 2010 10:24 pm (UTC)
Serves me right for not paying attention - I would have upped my bid. I'm prepared to spend more on Haiti and sparkly vampire porn anyway - would be worth it. *sigh*

I totally lost track of the deadlines. I am made of fail.
hitsuzen_himehitsuzen_hime on January 25th, 2010 02:23 pm (UTC)
Yay Mr. Brammers! Emailing you receipts as oddly enough not all mine have actual numbers, just email confirmations. ( I donated to three charities to combine between you and bryoney)
theburningboy on January 25th, 2010 09:48 pm (UTC)
OMG!!!!!!!!!! yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so awesome. lol I lost all my bids and my mum wins?!?!? This is so typical!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! :DDDDDDDDDD *grins from ear to ear*

I'll talk to her about exactly what she wants once all the options have been sorted out.

I'll send you a receipt ASAP. (Where should I send it to?)
Meredythmeredyth_13 on January 25th, 2010 10:26 pm (UTC)
We are not evil!

Did I mention that I've named my new vacuum cleaner 'Edward' - it's all sparkly and follows me around, and it sucks! Everything!

Money shall be forthwith. I can't remember - who were your preferred recipients?

ps. we are off to see Avatar #D IMAX together this arvo. Plotting may ensue.
prone to mischieftreacle_tartlet on January 25th, 2010 11:15 pm (UTC)
You're abstracted? I completely forgot you had an auction going :(
I was going to bid so I could force you to beta my hds_beltane fic. Bollocks.
*showers the winners with confetti*
blamebramptonblamebrampton on January 26th, 2010 10:27 am (UTC)
You have no money because you are spending it all on small girls and GDL!
prone to mischief: love potion #9treacle_tartlet on January 26th, 2010 10:34 am (UTC)
This is entirely true.
blamebramptonblamebrampton on January 26th, 2010 10:41 am (UTC)
Is it wrong that I now want several million pounds so that I can buy everything in the new Christian Dior range? It's all Horsey, treacle! With big skirts!
prone to mischieftreacle_tartlet on January 26th, 2010 10:46 am (UTC)
It is entirely understandable.
blamebramptonblamebrampton on January 26th, 2010 10:50 am (UTC)
I am regretting not buying a new dressage hat in London!
nahimanaemerald_dragon8 on January 26th, 2010 09:05 am (UTC)
Whoot! *punches air* Any specific charity you want the funds going to? I'm totally easy - I've already put money into Oxfam for pushdragon's auction, but yeah, I'm cool with whatever. Luckily I got paid today so I can transfer as of whenever. Probably tomorrow.

Also, I'd like fic please!!!! :) *sings a fic chant* I'm tempted by the sequel one (in particular a sequel to For the Public Good) but decided I marginally wanted a different fic.

Also, Happy Sit-On-Your-Arse-and-Eat-Lamingtons-And-Sausages Day! :)
blamebramptonblamebrampton on January 26th, 2010 10:27 am (UTC)
YOU HAVE SAVED ME! Hurrah! Oxfam, MSF, Red Cross, all good. And I look forward to your prompt! Email is blamebrampton@gmail.com and do you know that I have not been able to find a single bloody lamington all day! Had lamb, though ;-)
nahimanaemerald_dragon8 on January 27th, 2010 10:09 am (UTC)
Okay so the MSF website is being weird for me, so I've put the money to Red Cross. :) I just forwarded you the receipt, let me know if you don't get it! Thank you!

And oh my, no lamingtons?! Appalling. The lamb does make up for it, though! I was foiled in my attempt to have lamb ...
Meredythmeredyth_13 on January 30th, 2010 12:11 am (UTC)
Email sent with donation details. :)