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23 January 2010 @ 11:26 pm
Yep, it was that bad  
Somewhere between 41 and 42 degrees. Bleagh! But a merciful cold front rolled in late afternoon and dropped the temp by nearly 20 degrees, which may be the only reason I am still alive ;-)

In happier news, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to joanwilder , faithwood  and sparemint ! May the day have been far more gorgeous and enjoyable for you!
Kareinakareina on January 23rd, 2010 12:41 pm (UTC)
Me thinks you didn't schedule your travels at the correct time. The best time for you to be in Europe felling cold is when you can look at weather reports from Sydney and say "gee, am I glad I'm not at home just now"...
blamebramptonblamebrampton on January 23rd, 2010 12:51 pm (UTC)
Hee! Quite right. But it was so temperate the whole time I was away. It's me, isn't it?
Kareinakareina on January 24th, 2010 11:06 am (UTC)
What are the temps in Sydney *normally* like during the period you were gone as compared with the period it has been hot this year? Which time frame is *usually* the hotter? If the earlier time is usually hotter, then, yes, it is you. If this is the time that is usually hotter, then it is just you not choosing the most sensible time for travel ;-)
(Deleted comment)
blamebramptonblamebrampton on January 23rd, 2010 01:49 pm (UTC)
HAHAHAHA! BRILLIANT! The coolness is forecast to stay for at least the next few days, so we can get everything done in a rush before the hot weather is back ;-)
jolinar_roshajolinar_rosha on January 23rd, 2010 01:36 pm (UTC)
that's 42C?!
Me loves my summers, but the summers you get in Australia I might not survive.
blamebramptonblamebrampton on January 23rd, 2010 01:48 pm (UTC)
It is insane. The first one I spent here, I was in the freezer aisle at the local supermarket so very often that the security guards all knew my name and I started advising people where they could find their favourite frozen products ;-)

It's a tragedy to me that it's impossible to enjoy both Australian winters and English summers, since that's the perfect sort of weather for me and I could ride and row year round.
jolinar_rosha: wraith smiling playfuljolinar_rosha on January 23rd, 2010 04:45 pm (UTC)
nooo English summers are too wet! :-P

I've only spent one December in Australia, years ago, but it was quite cool and rainy - mind you that was in Melbourne, so I don't know what's the rest of the country's like. :-P
blamebramptonblamebrampton on January 24th, 2010 12:39 am (UTC)
That's what waxed cotton was invented for ;-)

December is actually the best of the summer months on average. January and February tend to be dire. And Melbourne was historically more likely to be wet than Sydney, though since The Great Drought, rain is erratic and welcome when it falls.
oopsoddishly on January 23rd, 2010 03:40 pm (UTC)
That is so many kinds of horrible I don't even know where to begin with the sympathy. 42 degrees, urgh, how do you SURVIVE.
prone to mischieftreacle_tartlet on January 23rd, 2010 09:38 pm (UTC)
*sends you cooling breezes from down here*
I saw an article in the paper yesterday about all those drunken fools at the Big Day Out dropping like flies, and my first thought was 'oh, bugger them, I hope Brammers hasn't expired from heat axhaustion!'
Ever so glad you survived, darling!