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31 December 2009 @ 05:42 pm
Goodbye, 2009!  
Well, that was a year, wasn't it?

I had hoped to start this post with links sending you all to ecards, but some lupin at Oxfam decided that instead of using the name provided by the purchaser in the From section of the gift purchase interface, they would use the real name provided in the Please Take My Money part. Eedjits. So no ecards for you lot! One pic, below, because the other is just all Sincere and Depressing.

Anyway, I bought you all adult literacy classes for Cambodians, and paints and brushes for childcare in South Africa. That seems about right for so many writers, readers and artists!

This was a weird year for me, in life and in fandom. I seem to have spent a lot of it several months behind where I meant to be. For this reason, it is my last year of beta-ing in fandom for the foreseeable future. I seem to have beta-ed about 10 words to every one I have written, which means my WiP pile is no smaller than it was at the start of the year, rather, it has grown. Shameful! I have two beta jobs left on my plate, and once they are done, so am I.

I did fail a bit with last year's resolution not to do any more fests, but only a bit. hp10k_showcase  was more like a bunch of friends daring each other to put something out that was a bit unlike what any of us normally did, while hd_career_fair  was a fair, not a fest ;-) I'm keeping the no fest rule until all my WiPs are done (er, probably 2013 ...)

Writing-wise, I was a disaster. I think that all I have managed this year was two parts of A Single Wizard's Guide to Fatherhood (both deranged), one part of Baby, Basket, Death Eaters (likewise), the quite serious for recent me And Save Me From Bloody Men, and the good god woman, what were you thinking Little Red Courgette. The last two benefit enormously from the inclusion of art from raitala, who is a profoundly good influence.

Fingers crosse LJ stops chopping out these two lines! The best fandom thing for me was
azkatrazathome , which was our Con for People What Aren't At the Con. While it was madness to run, and would not have happened if it had been left to me (thank Merlin for the mod team, who were all BRILLIANT!), it threw up so much good stuff that it was worth every minute of sleep deprivation! If you're at a loss for things to read over the snowed in/defeated by heat part of the year, trek over there for the drabble challenges and prepare to laugh an embarrassing amount. Which reminds me ... I did write an end to the Tag-Team Fic and never posted it ... er, anyone up for a beta? And, why yes, I do have the memory of a vague guppy.

The best thing has, as always, been you, flist. I have failed miserably in keeping up with reading and commenting, and two computer deaths (one thorough) played merry hell with my Giant List of Open Tabs to Read. So if there was something you particularly think I am a thicky/complete bastard for not commenting on, please feel free to let me know. Otherwise, I should catch up somewhere around April of next year.

That said, I wish each and every one of you a Very Happy New Year and the very best of life in 2010. May small improvements grow into large ones, may difficulties be replaced by opportunities and doses of luck, may past grief be tempered by present joy, and may all of you be surrounded by kindness and good will as we embark on this year.
Brissygirl: mini_fest Snape iconbrissygirl on December 31st, 2009 08:10 am (UTC)
Happy New Year Brammers! Thank you for all the laughs, even when you were trying to be serious. I can't wait to see what kind of merry hell you give our politician's in 2010!

If you would like some little festive nuggets to read you should check out mini_fest the master list will be posted probably tomorrow or Saturday. The longest entry is about 12 or 13K