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20 December 2009 @ 06:06 pm
In which Brammers and Rai have a day of miracles  
We begin with pingrid the Magnificent finding us a flight for only 250GBP each. At the moment we are telling ourselves that Eurostar will reimburse it, but we both also have travel insurance, there are reasons to hope. After the morning's journey to retrieve our Calais train money, which went quite smoothly on the whole, Rai and I decided to go back to the Louvre (me with a new camera card) while Pin went to the Cluny. The two of us made it to the metro just as the train was pulling in, got on and had a seat. Hurrah! We then found the queues moving quickly and swiftly, to get in, though massive lines for tickets. So we went to the cafetreia, where the food was delightful! Miracle deux! When we came out, we found a short line and were quickly through and back inside the Musee. After a short while we decided to part, and probably meet back at the hotel. Some time later, I wandered down to buy a post card before heading off to the metro. There, three metres in front of me, was Rai! Miracle! we declared.And given there may have been a million people there today, it probably was. The metro appeared as we arrived again, and we were back to meet up with the wondrous pin, who had run out of camera battery in the Cluny, but after I had shot almost everything there. The shuttle for CDG appeared at the allotted hour, isis the cat bid us farewell, and we proceeded on an easy, stress-free journey to the airport. HUGE LINES AT AIR FRANCE! However, we were directed to the Aeroflot sign and checked in with only about 15 people ahead of us. Because obviously the Aeroflot sign is shorthand for 'The Universe would like to apologise for the last few days'. My bag weighed 27kg,  rather than 20kg, because I have a problem when it comes to buying books. 'Eh,' said the lovely Air France woman and ignored it. We made it through passport control and customs, and are now sitting at our gate waiting quietly and patiently. And, in final proof that today is making up for yesterday, after I realised that I had eaten not a single macaron the whole time I was here, there was a Laduree stand at passport control. So very very very delicious ... If all goes well, in four hours, I will be in London, running a well-deserved bath. Though Rai missed family Christmas and I missed Chanuka meal with friends, but we had each other and the brilliant Pin and many kind Parisians, and so on the whole, I approve of today.
Vashtanvashtan on December 20th, 2009 05:47 pm (UTC)
Oh wow, what an adventure! Good luck!
Coffeejunkii: joycoffeejunkii on December 20th, 2009 05:54 pm (UTC)
i've been following all your travel craziness and i hope that you are getting to london without any more fuss or weather delays! it's been snowing like crazy here and in the northeastern u.s., which makes me glad i got here a few days ago or i might have been stranded as well.