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26 October 2009 @ 10:24 pm
I have plane tickets!!!!  
So, the remaining, crucial question: is four hours enough time to clear customs in Frankfurt, have a lovely cuppa with gorgeous company, then clear it again on the way back in?

I ended up going with Qantas, partly for the points, partly for the ease of complaining if anything goes wrong, a little for the timing, but mostly for the decent leg room in cattle class.

And now, back to the writing!
Vashtanvashtan on October 26th, 2009 11:38 am (UTC)
Frankfurt is very efficient... you should be OK. :)
blamebramptonblamebrampton on October 26th, 2009 11:38 am (UTC)
I booked based on that theory, glad to see it confirmed! Thank you! BTW, if you'd like a cuppa while I am in London, I would love to meet you.
Vashtanvashtan on October 26th, 2009 01:05 pm (UTC)
Oh hell yes! When are you in London?
Catscatsintheattic on October 26th, 2009 11:38 am (UTC)
Does this mean that you're flying via Frankfurt? *stares at screen*


I have no idea if four hours are enough - it sounds like enough time to meet up for two hours and leave one hour for going out and one for going in. So if they are enough, and if I have no job-related appointment that can't be rearranged, I'm yours!

Is there anyone else you know around here to meet up with them at the airport?
blamebramptonblamebrampton on October 26th, 2009 11:44 am (UTC)
YES! You were my deciding factor, well, you and foot room ;-)

Tuesday 22nd, I get in at something like 7.20pm and fly out at 11.20pm. I realise this is not perfect, but it was the longest layover they had!

If it's disastrous, I may have to entertain my insane plan of coming over on Monday and flying out on Tuesday and having a museum day, but that would actually be insane given everything I already have on in London and Paris.

I don't think I have any friends left in Frankfurt, though it's hard to say, my RL ones move around even more than I do. But in a worst-case scenario, I will read a book. Or write one. Well, bits thereof.

Fingers crossed!
Catscatsintheattic on October 26th, 2009 11:56 am (UTC)
I love to be in on the same scale with the foot room - foot room is very important. :-)

22nd December in the evening - that's great. I'm free around that time - well, skipping aikido practice, but that's all right for the chance of meeting up with you :-) - and I don't think that I will have any appointments the next day.

If you come over on Monday, feel free to stay over at my place for the night. Frankfurt is full of museums. I fear that I'm a lousy tourist guide, but we'll work out something, I'm sure.

*happy bouncing*
the source of all heresiesms_worplesdon on October 26th, 2009 11:43 am (UTC)
Is your final destination in the EU? Because I think if you clear customs when you arrive in Frankfurt, then you shouldn't have to deal with it again so long as you're heading to another EU nation.
blamebramptonblamebrampton on October 26th, 2009 11:47 am (UTC)
Since I'll be leaving the secure area of the airport, I think I might, as from there I go back in to head on to Australia. But I'll check!
AutumnHearti_autumnheart on October 26th, 2009 01:26 pm (UTC)
Leave at least an hour before your plane boards to get through the security screening on the way back in: the inspect-all-your-liquids bit takes forever if there's a crowd. (It took me about that to get out the other week as well; but mostly because the passport control people had gone off for breakfast just before about 6 planes landed.)

blamebramptonblamebrampton on October 26th, 2009 02:01 pm (UTC)
Yes, an hour is the minimum time I feel comfortable with these days. Or, at LAX, three ... And WHY do they all run away at once?
jegviraag on October 26th, 2009 01:40 pm (UTC)
I've flown from and to Frankfurt really, really often the last two years.
They're pretty quick, so I think four hours must be enough.
But one time (I think there was a terror warning the day before or something) I had to pass five or six control points and it took me over two hours to get to the gate.
Maybe check that beforehand :D
Klaramummimamma on October 26th, 2009 02:40 pm (UTC)
Quite possibly yes. It depends how many checkpoints you are going to pass through - whether you are continuing your flight within Schengen/EU or not. If you are flying back to Australia there will be a lot of checkpoint and lines (and grumpy passengers) - I think I spent about 90 minutes getting from non-EU to EU/EU to non-EU last time (of course Sundays and holidays are worse).

If you are you have enough time - getting to/from the ariport the city is easy and fast, no problem there.

The problem is figuring out where on that blasted airport your plane is leaving from and realising it on the opposite end. Check before leaving :)
pingridpingrid on October 26th, 2009 03:54 pm (UTC)
Hurrah! And eeeee! :D Do you know your London vs. Paris dates for certain yet, or are they still slightly negotiable? I want tickets too.
blamebramptonblamebrampton on October 26th, 2009 03:55 pm (UTC)
Those two weekends both still negotiable depending on you. Whichever one you can make Paris, I will, too! (12/13 and 19/20)
pingridpingrid on October 26th, 2009 04:03 pm (UTC)
Fabulous! I can potentially make it either weekend, let's check to see who else is lureable and when. :)
uminohikariuminohikari on October 26th, 2009 07:37 pm (UTC)
Leg room is clearly the most important factor :D
glass_violet on October 27th, 2009 10:43 am (UTC)
Yay! I just got my tax return done (hush, the accountant was impressed at how early I came in compared to most years), and I'm thinking of taking the small girl over to Melb on the boat for a girly day (which will feel like a much longer break, because of the overnighting on the boat there and back). Alas, international travel shall maintain its pipedream status until the increasing numbers of children have left home.