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15 September 2009 @ 09:18 pm
I have hurt my right arm. I had some Bowen therapy (a therapy that has wacky beliefs underlying it, but which seems to work nonetheless, like accupuncture) this afternoon, which has helped a bit, but not a lot. I have 10,000 words that were meant to be written tomorrow, and which are all in my head, but I can only type with my left hand. AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGH!

I should take this as a sign to visit friends instead, but am sticking to my original plan and will instead be writing veeeeeeeeeerrrrrrry sloooooooowly.

In the meantime, minimal typing, so even though I will probably read your post, I'll probably not comment. Would you be so kind as to please choose the correct response from the following list:

* Yay!!
* Oh, I'm so sorry.
* Well said!
* OMG!
* Is that Tom Felton?
* That's because you're smarter than them.
* A paste of bicarbonate of soda.
* I find cats to be the best answer.
* Good manners are never out of fashion.
* It's not as though it's real cricket.
* Skandar!

mytla on September 15th, 2009 01:36 pm (UTC)
Yes he does...
*IS stalking him on twitter*
but I'm a very correct stalker:
he was in Rome, twittering away his every step, and I didn't go to bother him.