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Hi Friends, LJ Users, Nigerian Scammers, Russian Bots and sundry others!
Thanks for taking a moment to read my sticky post on friending.

On the whole, there's no need to friend me if you just want to read my fics, since they are posted unlocked. In fact, most of my locked posts are me ranting about the state of the world (usually from a politics or media slant) or some such.

Generally, I am a ready friender. If you friend me and you have entries in your livejournal or have commented on some of my posts, you can usually expect to be friended back, unless:
* There are no entries in your LJ.
* I do not recall us ever having 'spoken' online (given how selective my memory is, you should probably assume this.)
* Your LJ is written wholly in a language I do not speak (pretty much anything that is not English, or French or Italian (both of which I speak poorly), or German, Spanish, Latin, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Welsh or Irish (all of which I have a smattering of and enough reference books to get the gist.) (Though if your journal is in actual Latin as opposed to Lorem Ipsum, I will probably immediately friend you on principle.)
* Your journal consists of several entries a day concerning My Little Pony, school and whether your hair looks better in plaits, pigtails, or with a fringe pouf. You are probably adorable, but should not be subjected to my occasional flocked rants.

SO, if you've friended me (thanks!) and I've not friended you back, just drop a brief line saying 'Excuse me, oh vague and neglectful one, could you friend me back please?'

I can't guarantee that I will ever have time to be a good lj friend, but I will try and provide you with amusing content and I always try to read my whole flist. Well, the stuff before the cut at any rate.

20 years of Harry Potter!

Back in 1997, Bloomsbury took a punt on a book they thought might do rather well.

I'm so tremendously thrilled they did!

Thank you, Jo, thank you, Harry, thank you fandom. SO much joy from one good publishing decision!

Eurovision 2017 Final

We open with a montage of beautiful Ukrainian beads and then the finalists all parade down the Eurocatwalk. They all seem very happy to be there, bless. The Aussie commentators have finally decided that Kristian from Bulgaria is in Slytherin house, and I must say that he's certainly styled that way tonight, the dear wee thing! Though at least he's in sixth year unlike that sweet lamb from Ireland, who I hope is tucked up safe tonight.

Hosts are back. Timo, Timu or Timur (people pronounce it differently and I suspect the last might be right) is still wearing black, while Alex and Vova (no idea on the spelling, I have a guest and an important deadline to hit today, so no looking things up!) are wearing sequins, because they are less committed to a look than Timur. Bless their sweet little hearts, they are trying their very best and at least they aren't going on at length!

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Eurovision 2017 Semi final 2

And we're back! Timu is still looking gothic and grim, the other two hosts are wearing beautifully embroidered suits and now they are playing a local pipe and a piano accordian and it's actually quite good as they swing into 'Ukranianised' Eurovision hits. The Ukranian version of Euphoria works surprisingly well! There is folk dancing, but everyone looks so good I'm willing to forgive it all. He's not as cute as Norway's Aleksandr or however that sweet lad spells his name, though. Apparently Ukranian style also means massed voices sounding as though they are manning the barricades, which I am afraid is probably the case. I really enjoyed it! Huge leap forwards over last night.

Mr B is killing himself laughing at the idea Australians can vote in Eurovision. He is not wrong to laugh. Though you might need us for the numbers next year if Brexit keeps on making all the dumb arse decisions.

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Eurovision 2017 Semi final 1

Eurovision Semi Final 1

Kyiv! Hello! Sorry about the last few years, you were trying to warn us the whole time and we didn;t pay enough attention.

Very pressed for time, so this year, it's Eurovision short snark!

We open with people singing more or less and there's some dance, and look I am sure it was fine, but I confess I spent it trying to get the Bluetooth working on my iPad keyboard.

THREE hosts this year! They're all very nice young men and I feel certain I will have forgotten them to the point they surprise me when they reappear. The Australian hosts, Myf and Joel, are a welcome relief for me, as they're funnier than last year's, and their sound equipment is very very patchy, which is amusing in and of itself.

For starters, Sweden, Robin Bengtsson with I Can't Go On. And yet he does. At great, great length. Dull song, good hair. He's made a fundamental error here as he meant to be on Europe's Next Top Male Model.

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Fic: And On The Other Side, A Welcoming Voice

Good news: Mr B and I are BOTH working for the first time since July last year (admittedly, I was coasting along on a mix of redundancy pay and freelance income until he lost his job in October, but then it was back to me being a sole breadwinner. Did I come home to a nice clean house and a hot dinner? NOT ONCE! He is a rubbish housewife. Good thing he's a lovely bloke.)

Bad news: Sydney is freaking ridiculous this summer. The best thing I can say for it is that we haven't had any 46°C days yet, but we have had weeks of scorching days and sweltering nights and the whole city just wants a good night's sleep.

Other news: I wrote a pinch hit for hd_erised. The mods gave me the wonderful oldenuf2nb as my pinchee and I was so pleased, as it all came together with some things that were pooling around in my head. There are politics, there are jokes, and there are Ron and Hermione, because I love them. I hasten to add that at no point is Harry actually dead, despite rumours to the contrary.

I want to talk about the writing process for this, but I wanted to do that last year, too, and haven't had time, so who knows? It was written, at any rate, and it wasn't the latest fic sumbitted!

Title: And, On The Other Side, A Welcoming Voice
Author: blamebrampton
Recipient: oldenuf2nb
Pairing(s): H/D, then canon pairings
Rating: PG
Word Count: 38,500
Warnings: Discussion of canon and post-canon deaths
Summary: For twenty years, the official history has told readers that Harry Potter died at the Battle of Hogwarts. The next edition is going to require some significant revisions.
Author's Notes: oldenuf2nb, you have been one of the most consistently wise and generous voices of fandom over the years and I have benefitted so much from knowing you, as well as loving your art and fic. I confess this story shook hands with your prompts and then went gallivanting off in its own direction, but, since it stayed in touch with the themes you said were important to you, I hope you will enjoy it regardless.

Thank you to the mods for your encouragement and hard work. You make our world a better place!

Many, many thanks to the team of brilliant betas whose eagle eyes and good sense have all added greatly to the final version. bk7brokemybrain, divertazsc illereyn and mamapyjama, I owe you all! You lifted my spirits and made me look far more competent at both writing and typing at a time of year when you would have been perfectly entitled to be selfish! I value your friendship as much as your fine brains!

And for those who don't know the phrase, 'bottled it' means roughly the same as 'chickened out'.
Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters herein are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No copyright infringement is intended.

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And if you have any unwanted cool weather, please send it our way! More rain would be lovely, too.

Good luck, Americans

Eight years ago, I remember going to bed thinking that tomorrow would be better. This time, I know it will be worse.

I do not think that I will ever be able to forget that so-called Christian Americans chose to vote for a serial adulterer whose campaign was driven by racism and sexism and whose business record is littered with profits made at the excuse of the average worker, rather than a woman.

Goodbye, Obamas. You remain people to admire and I am happy I saw you in the White House. I will remember you constantly over the coming up-to-four years.

The only good news today is that they have found survivors in that hotel in Abruzzo. That is cheering!

HD Erised, Fantastic Beasts and La La Land

I did crack and sign up as a pinch hitter, which was actually loads of fun. But of course, given I had zero time, that's meant I have read only the fic I wrote and the fic I beta-ed. What else should I have read? Recs? Tips? I'm mostly up to date on the art, I think.

I'd offer a prize for anyone who guesses the fic I wrote, but given my current life, you'd get it in about 2032. Unless you want cheers and points. Cheers and points I can deliver!

In the midst of all the chaos, I have taken time out to go and see two films: Fantastic Beasts was in its last weeks and I wanted to catch it at the cinema. I'm glad I did! It was so beautiful! Lots of oddnesses that other people have gone into better than me already (and please, link me to your posts on it if you were one of those people as I skipped almost all spoilery bits and would now love to read them!), but the world inside Newt's suitcase just spoke so much of his love for these creatures and his commitment to them, and that warmed my heart. And Creedence's love for his adoptive sister (and hers for him) was also a lovely thing.

I also saw La La Land. If you haven't, do. I get the whole Ryan Gosling love now. And the music is glorious! If anyone wants to talk about it, wave your hands!

Goodbye, 2016. And 2017, don't think for a moment we're not all watching you carefully

Frankly, it's been a shit of a year overall, with a few glorious moments of joy mixed in to try and pretend that it wasn't that bad, really.

Not fooling anyone, 2016.

And let's not pretend that 2017 looks rosier, with the US presidency going to a moron, Brexit still being Brexit (not that that means anything, but not that that's stopping them) and Australia still torturing refugees.

New Zealand and Canada, you are pretty much holding up the Anglosphere's reputation, and that with governments that in any sane period would be called tepidly conservative, but since they're traditionally so and not complete neoliberal morons, you're looking good!

At least we're all coming out of this with renewed resolve to fight against the rubbish. Here is to a year of standing up for decency, being kind where we can but not being quiet when people are dicks, helping where we can, doing what we can and getting each other through where we can.

And cats, dogs and David Bowie. Always and forever. Have the silliest, happiest song in hopes we'll be able to keep on smiling. Here's to a 2017 that makes up for the worst of 2016 for each and every one of us.